Repair and Upcycle Ideas for Old Cat Trees

Repair and Upcycle Ideas for Old Cat Trees


Cat trees are an essential part of a feline’s life, offering a space for play, rest, and observation. However, over time, they can become worn out and less appealing to your cat. Instead of discarding an old cat tree, consider repairing and upcycling it. This not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also breathes new life into a beloved object for your cat. In this blog post, we explore creative ways to repair and upcycle old cat trees.

Assessing the Condition

Before diving into upcycling, assess the condition of the cat tree. Check for any structural damage, loose parts, or excessively worn areas. Safety is paramount, so ensure the cat tree can still be made stable and safe for your cat.

Repair and Reinforcement

1. Stabilizing the Base

  • Reinforce a wobbly base by adding a thicker plywood sheet or additional supports.

2. Replacing Scratching Posts

  • Remove the old sisal rope and wrap the posts with new sisal or jute rope. For posts beyond repair, replace them with new ones.

3. Securing Loose Platforms

  • Tighten any screws or brackets. If necessary, replace them with new hardware for added stability.

Creative Upcycling Ideas

1. Reupholstering with New Fabric

  • Give the cat tree a fresh look by covering it with new fabric. Choose durable materials like heavy-duty upholstery fabric or fleece.

2. Adding New Features

  • Incorporate new elements like additional platforms, hanging toys, or a new condo box. Use plywood, carpet remnants, or soft bedding materials for these additions.

3. Theme-Based Makeover

  • Get creative with a theme-based makeover. Paint the tree and add decorations to fit a specific theme, like a jungle, beach, or winter wonderland.

4. Creating a Cat Hammock

  • Add a hammock between two platforms for a cozy lounging spot. Use sturdy fabric and secure it well to hold your cat's weight.

5. Integrating Planters

  • For cat-safe plants, add small planters on the platforms. This brings a bit of nature to your cat’s space and can be visually pleasing.

6. Building a Cat Ladder

  • If space allows, create a ladder leading up to the cat tree for additional climbing fun.

7. Adding Interactive Toys

  • Attach interactive toys or puzzle feeders to the cat tree to keep your cat engaged.

Painting and Finishing Touches

  • A coat of pet-safe paint can transform the look of an old cat tree. Add finishing touches like soft cushions or a decorative trim for a polished look.

Safety Tips

  • Always use non-toxic materials safe for pets.
  • Ensure all additions are securely attached to prevent any accidents.

Maintenance and Care

  • Regular maintenance will extend the life of your upcycled cat tree. Check periodically for any loose parts, worn-out fabric, or the need for a quick clean.


Upcycling an old cat tree is a fulfilling project that benefits both the environment and your cat. It’s an opportunity to get creative and provide your feline friend with a unique and engaging space. By repairing and upcycling, you're not only saving money but also offering a new lease on life to an item that holds many memories for your cat. Discover Australia's most affordable range of premium cat trees and towers at where we bring joy to your feline friends with Australia's best cat trees and towers!


Q: What kind of paint is safe for cat trees?

A: Use non-toxic, water-based paints. Ensure it’s completely dry before allowing your cat to use the tree.

Q: Can I add additional levels to an existing cat tree?

A: Yes, but ensure the tree remains stable and balanced with the new additions.

Q: How can I make the cat tree more appealing after upcycling?

A: Introduce your cat to the revamped tree with treats and favorite toys. Sometimes, it takes a bit of time for cats to adjust to the changes.

In summary, repairing and upcycling old cat trees is a fantastic way to repurpose and rejuvenate a beloved item in your cat’s life. It allows for creativity and customization, ensuring the cat tree continues to be a source of joy and comfort for your feline companion. With some imagination and effort, an old cat tree can become a new adventure for your cat.

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